Ooh Ahh Line Dance

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The instructional above is taught by Hassan.

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Dance: Ooh Aah
Choreographer: Bernadette Bernette
Song: Beautiful Surprise
Artist: Tamia
Step Sheet: NA

Another favorite. I had never heard this song before, and fell in love with it.

I find the dance named both Ooh Aah and Ooh Ahh. I’m not sure which is correct (two a’s or two h’s?). I’m trying to connect with Ms. Bernette, the choreographer to find out. Also, maybe she has step sheets! 🙂 UPDATE: I connected with Ms. Bernette and she confirmed that the dance is spelled with two h’s “Ooh Ahh”.  Also, no step sheets.

Two parts that especially stand out for me in this line dance. First was the set of steps “right left right left right” where you do sort of a stomp. In the instructional video above, you can see it at 20 seconds in.

The next set of steps that confounded me, which I finally got and totally love, is the sailor step in which we do a 1/2 turn. This part is taught at 2:16 in the video above.

This is one of the dances that I could do every week and never get tired of it. A lot of the dances are like this for me.

The video below is a good one for practicing Ooh Ahh. The video is produced by The Soul Steppers.

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