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The DanceSocks Review

The Dance Socks

The first time I saw DanceSocks was on Linda Simms, “The Who Dat Teacher” from Let’s Mess it Up Soul Line Dancing. I wondered, “What is she (and most of her class) wearing on their shoes?”

DanceSocks also came up at Amazon while searching for dance sneakers. I was very interested in trying them out as I mentioned in my review for my dance sneakers, but I was hesitating. Then our dance studio moved from one location to another, and the wood floors at the new location were sticky. There were two possible reasons. First of all, the flooring had been in storage for a year, and secondly, the people who laid the flooring had mopped it. For whatever reason, our shoes were not gliding and sliding, so I decided it was time to try out The DanceSocks.

They can be ordered from Amazon (my favorite place to order most everything) but while I was making up my mind which ones to get, the shipping date changed and it would have been two weeks before they arrived. I wanted them in time for the next class, so I checked at the company’s site, and was able to order express shipping to have them delivered in two days.

Shipping from Amazon is $3.99 – I put 8 pair in my cart and shipping was still $3.99 so not sure when the shipping price increases.

Direct from the company, I put 10 pair in the cart and it was still $2.95. Priority mail shipping (express) is $6.95. My classmates and I are planning to go in on a group order.

The DanceSocks slip over your shoe right where the ball of your foot meets the floor. They were designed to be worn over any type of sneaker or gym shoe, and the purpose is to allow you to glide and pivot and twist on wood floor.


My package arrived in time for the next class, and I handed out a pair to three of my classmates. One of my classmates will sometimes lean over and hold her knees, or sit and hold her knees. I wondered if the DanceSocks would be of help to her, as that is one of their purposes, is to help avoid stress on the ankles and knees. She has worn them to every class since, and reports that they are helping a lot.

The DanceSocks

Another classmates said she was able to stay on top of all pivots and turns in another of her dance classes, Chicago Stepping. She asked me where she can buy more pairs, as she won’t be without them.

For me personally? I feel they have revolutionized my dancing. Truly. Seriously. I feel that I can move more freely on the dance floor, I can glide, I can make the turns and pivots with ease. I will not be without my dance socks.

The item I bought was a four pack, which contains 8 “sneaker socks”. The socks were turquoise, hot pink, purple and black. This pack was $20 for the four pair, so they are $5 a pair. You can also buy specific colors in two packs, which are $10 for the two pair.

The DanceSocks are just a little piece of material without a seam, very much like a sock, but open on both ends. You slide the sock over your shoe, the company recommends that you wear the logo side up.

I don’t see any difference in the make up of the sock from logo side or the other side, and my first thought was they want people to “advertise” the logo. Or maybe the logo causes the sock to grip the floor. But, the socks do get really dirty. I am wearing the pink socks and they are completely grey on the bottom after class. The company recommends hand washing, but even though I scrub the material they have a few stained areas, so if I always wear the logo side up, then the sock looks good. Who cares if the bottom is stained, no one can see it.

Put the sock on and try it out. Adjust it to your liking. You might need to glide more, so you would want the sock to be stretched out to its full length. If you need less glide, fold the sock over on its edges, exposing more of the shoe’s toe.

Always remove the socks before leaving the studio as walking on cement or blacktop could damage the material.

They also have DanceSocks for carpet! I have hadn’t the chance to try these out, but they would sure come in handy if you only had a carpeted area to practice, or maybe someone is having a party in their home and the only room big enough to dance in is carpeted.