Over At Fannie Mae’s Line Dance

I recently attended the NOLA Southern Experience hosted by Linda Simms, “The Who Dat Teacher”. It was a fabulous, amazing event and I felt like Cinderella when it was over. Linda taught this line dance at one of the workshops. Here is the instructional video, taught by Constance Jones.

Dance: Over At Fannie Mae’s
Choreographer: Aline Goodman
Song: Over at Fannie Mae’s
Artist: Charles Wilson

Here is a video of the same group as above performing this line dance so that you can dance along.

SOSU Easy Step Soul Line Dance

SOSU Easy Step is definitely a beginner line dance. It’s super easy to learn, the music has a great beat and it’s fun!

YouTube video performance (above): Beginners 2nd Friday Line Dance Class at SETAY Dance Studio
YouTube video instructions (below): Lady D NOLA
Choreographer: Lady D NOLA
Song: Lights, Camera, Action (Instrumental) [This song is not readily available but you can use this YouTube version for line dancing:]
Artist: Mr. Cheeks
Step sheet: I couldn’t locate step sheets, but here is my cheater version:

Walk right, walk right (four steps – right, left, right, left) Walk left, walk left (four steps – left, right, left, right)

Walk right, walk right (four steps – right, left, right, left) Walk left, walk left (four steps – left, right, left, right)

Shuffle up right, shuffle up left

Shuffle back right, shuffle back left

Rock one two (1/4 turn left), rock three four

Pivot 1/2 turn left, another pivot 1/2 turn left

Bring it down (four counts), bring it up (four counts)

Start over!

Stroll Along Cha Cha Line Dance

YouTube video performance (above): Kenny J Dancers
YouTube video performance instructions (below): Island Station
Choreographer: Rodeo Cowboys & John Sandham
Song used by Kenny J:  Try My Side of Love
Artist: Chi-Lites
Step sheet:

Tucka (Tucker) Soul Line Dance

You’ll notice this one doesn’t fall into my “favorite” category.

I don’t have to love every single line dance that I learn. It’s okay to not like every line dance keeping in mind that I’m still working my brain, I’m still getting exercise and every line dance I memorize makes me a better line dancer. 🙂

Although I must say the energy in the group dancing in the top video makes me like this line dance a little bit more.

YouTube video performance (above): And 5,6,7,8 Line Dance Class
YouTube video performance instructions (below): Archie B Experience
Choreographer: K.O.L.D (Jero Green)
Song: Work It Out
Artist: Tucka

SOSU Leave It Smokin’ Soul Line Dance

One of my current favorites, this song has more than one line dance. The one above is the one which I have learned. When I attended my first line dance convention in 2017, I found that there is a solution for songs with different line dances. The floor is split into however many different versions will be danced. I don’t remember the name of the line dance but the one I remember in particular had SIX variations, so the room was split into six sections.

Whenever this song starts at line dance class, I feel like such a goofball because my hands fly to my mouth, my eyes light up and my face cracks into a huge smile. It made me wonder if listening to music can cause a person’s body to release endorphins and yes, that happens! Our body releases dopamine, the “feel good” hormone. No wonder I feel so happy when I listen to line dance music, and especially when I’m able to dance with my line dance family. I am so grateful to be blessed with a great group of dancers that are passionate about line dancing.

Just a snippet from article I read about how music can make us happy – note that it doesn’t work if you don’t like the music or if you only slightly like the music:

Subsequently we found that listening to what might be called “peak emotional moments” in music — that moment when you feel a “chill” of pleasure to a musical passage — causes the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine, an essential signaling molecule in the brain. ~New York Times “Why Music Makes Our Brain Sing

YouTube video performance: And 5,6,7,8 Line Dance Class – Macon, Georgia
Choreographer: Lady D – NOLA
Song: Leave It Smokin’
Artist: Tamia