Player Line Dance

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Dance: Player Line Dance
Choreographer: Terrance TJ Estell
Song: Hey Lover
Artist: Charlie Wilson

The instructional above is by Linda Simms “The Who Dat Teacher” from Let’s Mess It Up Line Dancing. Use the instructional to learn the steps, and then use the video at the bottom of this post to practice along with the group.

I have now learned another aspect of line dancing. When to start the steps! I wondered how does my instructor know when to start the dance? He always verbalizes a count down of 5, 6, 7, 8 and then we start, but it never occurred to me that he was counting prior to that! Some of our class members had mentioned that it was hard to know when to start the dance at another place they go to dance, and he has now started to teach us how to count the beats to know when to start the dance steps.

Player is another of my favorites, and I just love the song. I do recall that this dance was hard for me to get. That might have had something to do with the fact that my brain was still learning how to catch onto dance steps because after five months of weekly classes I am finding that I am picking up the steps much quicker, and am able to remember a series of steps. Seriously, in the beginning our instructor would show us three sets of steps and then “Let’s start over from the top” and I’d be “What were the first steps?!” But I can clearly the first steps I was able to learn for Player, it was the very simple first three steps and putting up my arms and going “Whoo!”

I can’t find step sheets for Player and I wish I could somehow cram all the steps into my head immediately so that I wouldn’t have to study so hard to figure the step sheets out because I would like to write the steps and share them as I publish each blog post. The biggest issue is the time that it takes. And it is like doing homework, which kind of takes the fun out of posting about the dances. I realize it is a learning curve and with time I will recognize the steps more easily and can transcribe them quickly, but in the meantime, there is that “time” issue again. 🙂 I want to share the dances with you, but at the same time, would I rather spend my time sorting out step sheets, or practicing line dancing? The latter!

The last part of this dance I am actually still trying to get into my head. For one thing, I am still confused about which way we are heading when we do the vine, but I see from closely watching the videos that we are going counter clockwise. And the vine, then feet together, then apart, then start over. It’s very fast footwork, at least for my feet, but I love the challenge.

At a recent line dance party we did this dance and I was one of the few who knew it (for the most part), and could dance along while others stood by watching. I am always so thrilled with my accomplishments, especially since in the beginning I was not sure if I was going to be able to get it!

The video below is Linda Simms’ class.

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