Wifey Line Dance

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Dance: Wifey (Start at 16 or 32 counts, either will work)
Count: 20 count
Wall: 4
Level: Beginner
Choreographer: Unknown
Song: Wifey (Clean)
Artist: Next
Step Sheet: NA

I am learning that Wifey can be danced to many songs. I will begin listing the ones that I find will work.

Can also be danced to:

Song: Hangin’ on a String (Contemplating) (start at 16 beats)
Artist: Loose Ends

I have learned this is another line dance with split personalities, except instead of the same dance having two names, the song has two dances. My favorite YouTube instructor, Linda Simms, “The Who Dat Teacher” from Let’s Mess It Up Line Dancing teaches the version I am highlighting in this post, stating “This is the version we do in New Orleans“.

This link will take you to the second version: “Other” Wifey Line Dance where instructor Steph states “This is the version we do in San Antonio.”

I cannot locate step sheets for this dance, and its choreographer is unknown. I count 18 steps, wait, I think actually it’s 24 steps. No… I think it’s actually 32 steps!?

I’m going to see if I can get my instructor to confirm. Update: He confirmed and I was totally wrong. LOL. 20 “counts”.

Note: it’s not “steps” that we are counting, but beats which gives us the “count”. I thought the “count” meant steps, I love learning new things!

So from what I’m learning, the way to find the count is to listen to the beats when the steps begin, ending when the steps complete for that wall/round.

Also, I am going to consider it a beginner dance since it is pretty easy. I have to admit it looks complicated at first and the first time I saw it danced and demonstrated I wasn’t sure I would get it. But, I feel that way about a LOT of the dances when I see them for the first time. But as usual, I was able to pick up the steps, it is super fun and another of my favorites. I am in such envy of my classmates who can practically follow along with the instructor from his demonstration of the dance. And, he can learn dances by just watching them! I just find that amazing.

I cannot find step sheets, so I am going to try my hand at creating a step sheet*!

This is what I have at this point and may need to come back and correct.

Here’s a quick tutorial from Troy Jones:

The dance begins at 32 counts (you can also begin the dance at 16 counts)


Touch right side, touch right together, twice (right two)
Touch left side, touch left together, twice (left two)
Kick right forward, step right together (kick right)
Kick left forward, step left together (kick left)
Step pause (right left lift) and (left right lift)
Kick right forward, step right together (kick right)
Kick left forward, step left together (kick left)

Cross right over left, making 1/4 turn right, step left back
Cross left over right, step right back
Cross right over left, step left back
Cross left over right, step left together

The song Wifey, by the R & B group Next was released in May 2000. It has been a favorite of mine for years. I listen to MEGA 104.3 FM and it was playing one night on my drive home, and so, loving the song, I wondered if there was a line dance for it. YES! There was! I put in a request for our class to learn it and soon it was on our rotation.

Tip: If you love the song, you will LOVE the dance! Especially if you love oldie rhythm and blues, disco, or hip hop. Just do a search on YouTube with the name of the song, and the words “line dance” in quotations.

The video below is the one I use to practice Wifey. It is Linda Simm’s class, I just love watching Linda and her dancers! Enjoy!

*For the record, I began writing the steps based on dances I already know, for example, steps 1 & 2 are the same as in The Baltimore and also in Ms. Jody’s Thang. Remember how I said you will learn dance steps in one song that will help you get better in another? And then I found there is a tutorial written by KickIt that walked me through how to write a step sheet!

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3 thoughts on “Wifey Line Dance

  1. Nice article. Here on the west coast we call that dance the Michael Jackson shuffle danced to “They Don’t Care About Us.” We have different steps to Wifey. But I always like finding new songs for line dances. Also, great step sheet!

    • Hi Racine, I have heard that Wifey is done differently in California. Thank you for leaving a comment. Maybe we’ll meet at a conference some day. 🙂

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